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Moxibustion is a form of therapy originating from China (TCM) and adds energy into the body so can be very supportive of chronic conditions.


It also supports hormonal issues - rebalancing the hormone systems and can be added to reflexology treatments especially fertility reflexology, Reflexology for Menopause or any reflexology treatment


In reflexology we use indirect Moxa, via a smokeless moxa stick, where acupressure points and reflexes are warmed with the Moxa stick.  


It is safe and effective.


Moxibustion technique to help turn a breech baby - usually carried out between 34 - 38 weeks of pregnancy.  The Moxa stick is held over the acupressure point bladder 67, which is situated on the bladder meridian line at the base of the little toe.  The meridian or energy line is then stimulated and links to the uterus in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), thus stimulating the meridian and producing a warming and tonifying effect that triggers the hormones to relax the muscles in your uterus and help the babies energy to turn itself naturally. The moxa stick is then taken home with full instructions and demonstration of the technique needed for the next 7 to 10 days.  (always check with your midwife before booking a moxibustion session for a breech baby)


It is also claimed to boost immunity and is prefect during Autumn and Winter months.


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